Decoding the Wedding Dress

Decoding the Wedding Dress


    We know how hard it can be to find ‘the one’ when it comes to wedding dresses. It can be especially stressful when you don’t know the terminology or even the differences between each type of dress. By running down the basics like silhouettes, waistlines, necklines, and sleeve types, it will be a little easier to narrow down which style you like. Learning this will also make it easier for you on your appointment!

Types of wedding Dress Silhouettes!

One of the very first questions a stylist will ask you on your appointment is what type of silhouette you’d like to wear. Well here are the most popular wedding dress silhouettes you’ll definitely need to know about – the first is ball gown. Ball gowns are the perfect way to achieve a princess inspired look. This Kina dress we carry looks likes something out of a fairy tale and if that is the look you’re going for then this is the perfect dress for you! They are defiantly bold with a wide, very full skirt and fitted bodice. These types of gowns are also stunning for formal weddings!

Next there is A-line which is very similar to a ball gown – An A-line wedding dress is very flattering on a lot of figure types since it gently widens towards the hem. The difference between A-line and ball gown is that an A-line flares out slightly wider at the bottom of the gown. The skirt basically resembles the shape of the letter A. Like ballgowns this dress is bound to have any bride feeling like a queen!

Another type of silhouette is fit-n-flare (very similar to trumpet), this style is fitted at the waist and then comes out just below the hips. Fit-n-flare is usually a more gradual flare than mermaid and trumpet. This silhouette craves out those curves and give a flirtatious vibe! A Mermaid silhouette is defiantly a more figure hugging wedding dress, its typically very fitted and flares out below the knee unlike a fit-N-flare. As you can see from our collection, Mermaid silhouettes are also a great option if you’re looking to show off those curves in a luxurious and flirty way!

Lastly there is sheath which is another very popular and chic silhouette! This type of gown skims the body and falls right to the floor. These gowns are perfect for a romantic beach or summer wedding, they’re not typically heavy and flow very well. As you can tell sheath dresses are usually very light and airy. These silhouettes are also perfect for brides with tall, slim figures!

Types of Neckline!

Now that you know what kind of silhouette you’re interested in, lets talk about basic necklines. The first one and most well-known neckline is the V-neck. This neckline resembles the shape of the letter V in the front. It’s a glamorous plunging neckline that will surely wow your guests and your groom! This style can be very slimming on many body types!

Another very popular neckline is the illusion neckline. This one features a sheer fabric or lace along the top part of the bodice. Its very similar to a strapless dress but illusions necklines provide more coverage. This is a great option for brides who are looking for a more modest look!

Off the shoulder necklines are very on trend and a very romantic style. This neckline shows off the collarbone but having the sleeves hit the arms right below the shoulder. This sexy neckline would look perfect at an outdoor summer wedding or even keep cool at a beachside wedding!

One of the most sought out necklines is the sweetheart neckline. Its typically a strapless neckline that dips in the front, creating an outline that resembles the top shape of a heart. How romantic! This is perfect to enhance or create the illusion of curves. Not to mention looks stunning on any silhouette!  

Types of Waistlines!

Next on decoding the wedding dress is waistlines. There are so many different types but we’ll just be talking about a few very popular waistlines we carry in our store. These waistlines look flawless on any body type.

First the dropped wait, this features a waistline below the natural waist at the mid hip. That includes the following silhouettes, mermaid, trumpet, and fit-n-flare! A dropped waistline is ideal for fuller figures or bottom heavy figures, because it gives the appearance of a cinched waist. These types of waist line are usually more fitted and place a strong emphasis on the hips, giving that perfect hourglass figure!

Secondly theres a natural waistline, the name really speaks for itself! Its a waistline that  hits at the natural part of your waist, perfect for all body types! Because it’s so natural and simply, it gives you more room to be creative with the dress and think outside of the box! This waistline emphasizes your waist a lot to really highlight the smallest point of your torso. Another Waist that goes hand in hand with a natural waist is a Basque waist which is quite similar to the natural look. It features a a low U or V shape at your natural waist. This style is ideal for brides who want to pull in their hips and elongate the waist for a sliming effect!

Natural waistline ball gown

Last but surely not least, a really popular waist is the empire waist which has a raised waistline that sits just below the bust, from which the rest of the dress flows down. These waist are usually featured on sheath silhouettes, they are also ideal for most body types. Especially look stunning on shorter brides because it really elongates the torso and give a nice tall, slim look. The style really highlights of the narrowest points on any bride’s body and it’s sure to dazzle your guests as you make a grand entrance!

Types of Sleeves!

Whether you choose to have them or not, sleeves can really be the highlight of your dress! From lace detailing to flared chiffon, they are in almost every wedding dress collection. Here are a few types of sleeves that are perfect on every body type and work for any wedding occasion!

To begin, we have the very romantic off the shoulder sleeve. This has been such a popular and on-trend choice for many brides. If you want to look sexy yet elegant this is the way to go, Since these sleeves feature fabric that rests on the shoulders it really showcases the collarbone and shoulders! Off the shoulder wedding gowns are so timeless and sophisticated as well! Speaking of sexy there is the spaghetti strap, which also really shows off those shoulders because of the thin strap. This is a very minimal look which allows you to go a little extra with the rest of the dress!  

Off the Shoulder Pronovias Sheath gown
Spaghetti Strap Pronovias dress

Cap sleeves are very short sleeve that hang over edge of the shoulder without going on the underside of the arm. This is such a sweet, romantic, and feminine touch to a wedding gown, not to mention provides a little more modesty if you don’t want to show off too much! These sleeves are very timeless and comfortable! Opposite to a cap sleeve is the long sleeve and possibly our all time favorite sleeve! This is the perfect sophisticated detail for a bride who’s looking for a little more coverage. Having a long sleeve with illusion lace provides modesty, and at the same time be very sexy!

Cap Sleeve Nicole Spose ball gown
Long sleeve Pronovias mermaid dress

Finally, there’s bell sleeves and bishop sleeves. Both very similar and unique! Bishop are a more dramatic version of a long sleeve. They are a very classy style that are full at the top and the cuffed at the wrist. While bell sleeves that opens at the cuff giving a bit more attention and drama to the arm. The flared sleeve creates fullness that can be very flattering and defiantly make you stand out!