Types of Lace

Types of Lace

We love lace wedding dresses, and we know with such beautiful details, it can be really hard to find which lace would look good on you. There’s a lace for every bride, some brides may prefer a striking and sophisticated lace and others may prefer something soft and romantic. Each lace has unique attributes and depending on how it’s used, it can give your look an elegant detail. 

            Alencon lace is a needlepoint lace that is usually found with a distinct floral design on sheer or a netted background. Some but not all of the edges of the lace have ‘eyelashes’ that give it a 3D effect.  It is sometimes called the “Queen of lace.” If you want a very traditional lace gown, alencon is the way to go!

            Chantilly lace is very delicate and dainty lace that also features flowers on a netted background. Unlike alencon which is very thick appliqués, Chantilly is fine and more scattered. Also unlike alencon lace, Chantilly is known for a flatter look which gives it softness. This lace is very romantic and most often applied on sleeves and overlay. This is perfect for a bride looking for a more vintage lace look!

            Eyelet lace is very sweet and summery! It looks very similar to Chantilly, although eyelet takes a simple fabric and makes it very sophisticated. It also adds a touch of boho to your wedding gown, thats what makes it so summery.  Since this lace is so breathable, its perfect choice for an outdoor wedding. Channel your vintage boho side all while looking unexpectedly modern with eyelet lace!

            Guipure lace is a dense interwoven pattern, its very firm with no net background like alencon and Chantilly. Its heavier than most lace because of the closely packed embroidery stitches. Its thick patterns make a dramatic statement, its absolutely perfect for brides who love texture.

            Last but certainly not least, our favorite is embroidered lace! This lace is applied on illusion lace to add the perfect striking look. Patterens are tightly suited making the appearance of an appliqué lace. This lace can also be adorned with beading, making a classic lace more unique and modern. If you want to make a statement or don’t want another boring lace dress, embroidered lace is the way to do!

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