Unique Wedding Dresses!

How to Choose a Unique Wedding Dress

Are you looking for a dress that ‘outside of the box’, look no further. These gowns are the wow factor your wedding needs, transformer dresses are the hottest trend in wedding gowns that are so unique and stunning. You’re bound to leave your guests jaws on the ground. Transformer gowns and detachable skirts are the must haves this wedding season and for good reason too!

           Dresses with removable skirts allow you to easily switch up your look from ceremony to reception. You can start with a fuller silhouette during the ceremony, followed by a sleeker style that’s more comfortable and perfect for activities like games and dancing! You’ll also be saving a lot of money if you want two looks on your big day, instead of paying for two gowns, a transformer wedding dress allows you to have two looks for one price! This unique style is so charming and allows a bride to stand out and be different!

            If transformer dresses are not your things, don’t worry. Another option to really shine on your wedding day is to go outside the traditional white wedding dress. At Elite Dress we have blush, ivory, champaign, and gold toned wedding dresses. Blush gowns look amazing on olive skin tones and works very well on both dark and light hair. While gold dresses are an ever-elegant and royal option, a warm and dazzling gold will certainly set you apart on your wedding day. These kinds of dresses are especially beautiful if your wedding is in the winter, you can add a little more drama and warmth to a chilly day. With a colored wedding dress you are sure to stand out and leave you guest talking remembering how gorgeous you looked! Here are some dresses we carry that are so unique with different color tones and spectacular embellishments